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Each of the military services has a regulation requiring its servicemembers to support family members upon separation, in the absence of an agreement or court order. Note that they are stop-gap measures, and depending upon their circumstances (such as "fault", income levels, or number of children), either the servicemember or civilian spouse may be better off seeking a court order for temporary support and maintenance.

In the event of nonsupport, the spouse seeking support can request assistance from the servicemember's commander, and if that does not work, the local JAG office or Inspector General. But unlike court-ordered support, military family support cannot be garnished, nor can a commander actually divert a servicemember's pay to the spouse. However, a servicemember who fails to pay could be punished under Article 92, UCMJ for violation of a lawful general regulation, and DFAS may recoup any BAH received for dependents the servicemember was not actually supporting.

If you are a servicemember, or spouse of a servicemember, stationed at a Colorado Springs military installation, contact one of the following numbers for assistance:

  • Fort Carson:  Legal Assistance 526-5572, Inspector General 526-3900
  • Peterson AFB:  Legal Assistance 556-4500, Inspector General 556-2104
  • Air Force Academy:  Legal Assistance 333-3940, Inspector General 333-3490

However, if you are thinking of filing for a Colorado divorce, legal separation or paternity action, you may need an attorney who knows both Colorado law and military regulations for family support, child support, and maintenance / alimony.


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